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Cosplay appreciation day? I dig it. It’s perfect cause, I, appreciate me. So, thanks me, for being such a good cosplayer. Good job at dressing up like a comic book, video game, anime, tv series or movie character and taking it at least a little seriously. Keep it up you pathetic sorta-pretty-but-not-really loser chick who thinks she skinny.

And thanks guys for being my friends and continuing to put up with my presence. You guys rock. Cosplay has allowed me to meet some of the greatest (but still also pathetic let’s not get carried away here) human beings around.

Now here are some photos of myself. I’m gona look at myself while I think about myself. Yep. I’m still awesome.

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    i can’t believe i took three of these pictures lol MASTER COSPLAY PHOTOGRAPHER
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    carly i love you don’t be so hard on yourself, you da bes! ;~;
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    Confirmed for best cosplayer always
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    ilu carly
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